Cyber Security

Cygnus Insight - Your ultimate partner for cyber security services

Safeguard your assets against online fraudsters that are eager to breach your IT security and endanger your business assets. By addressing each stage of a cyber-attack surface, our IT security services help to enhance your cyber protection.

We are a leader in managed cyber security services and can assist enterprises in understanding and managing their cyber risk. Cygnus Insight concentrates on every aspect of the potential cyber-attack.

With cutting-edge technologies and threat intelligence IT security solutions, our cyber security team continually monitors and safeguards enterprises from cyber threats.

We have a team of expert developers in the field of cyber security that allows businesses to determine, prevent and restore from a cyber-security breach and build more secured applications.

Areas Covered

Our comprehensive cyber security services encompass the given areas: 

Incident Response

Risk Management

Risk Assessment

Threat Intelligence

Cyber Security Program Strategy

Advanced Malware & Ransom ware Protection

Perimeter Security, Application Assessment

Security Monitoring Services.

Our cyber security team will perform risk assessment and will update you about the ongoing activities and defend your organization remarkably. Cygnus Insight team of cyber risk auditors will; carry out a gap analysis to figure out a precise road map to a highly forceful cyber security program.

Our Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Assessments – Assessments of your information security program’s development that look for weak points, susceptibilities, and possibilities for enhancement.

Cyber Security Assessments – For event retort, compliance, and the latest threat intellect to tackle information security points and implement practical mitigation methods, this service offers you a wide-ranging experience. Our cyber security services will complement your company’s business plan.

Managed Security Services – This service includes threat intelligence, threat stalking, security watching, and cyber security incident reaction.